October 2022: 3D Animation Support

3D animation support is available in Overlyapp. Upload your own animated 3D models or find some in our free Sketchfab integration.

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Using animations in augmented reality (AR) projects can bring many benefits and enhance the overall user experience. Here are some advantages of using animations in AR projects:

  • Improved user engagement - Animations can bring static objects to life and make them more dynamic, making the experience more immersive and interactive.
  • Enhanced storytelling - Animations can be used to tell stories and convey information in a more engaging and interactive way. This can be especially useful in education and training AR applications.
  • Increased realism - Animations can make AR experiences more realistic and believable. By adding movement and action to objects, the experience becomes more lifelike and immersive.

  • Greater versatility - Animations can be used to add a wide range of effects and interactions to AR experiences. They can be used to create special effects, such as explosions or particle effects, or to add realistic physics to objects.

Adding animated 3D objects in AR with Overlyapp now is as easy as it gets. Check out the quick 3 step tutorial to get started on your first animated AR experience!

1) Choose project and upload marker

Currently animations are supported only for marker-based projects. Upload the image that will be the trigger for your animated AR experience. We are working on animation support for marker-less WebAR projects also, so stay tuned to create animated experiences in your own environment!

2) Upload animated 3D object

Now that we have our base or marker covered, we can upload the animated 3D object. You can choose any animated 3D object from our free Sketchfab integration or upload one of your own. If you are not interested in creating an animated 3D object of your own, you can also visit Sketchfab for more animated 3D content or other 3D content providers like TurboSquid. Just export a .glb, .gltf , .fbx or .zip file and upload it straight to your marker.

3) Adjust and Publish

Once your happy with the placement of the 3D object on the marker, you are only one step away from your project going public. Press the Publish button and share the project with your audience. Not a must-do, but optional - you can share your feedback and projects with our team. Let's perfect the platform together! You can reach out to us via chat or email: hello@overlyapp.com.


Here's a quick video tutorial to get you started:

HubSpot Video


Try out and scan the example created in this post! 👇

Knowledge Base Example - Animations