August 2022: WebAR is here⁠—create markerless AR experiences in 4 steps

You can now bring app-based and WebAR experiences to life with Overly AR Creator.

overly ar creator offers WebAR creation  launch 2

Although we've only got one product update this month, it is a significant release—we're absolutely ecstatic to launch Overly's WebAR BETA. 

From now on, you will be able to create markerless augmented reality experiences with our platform and launch them via a mobile browser rather than the app. Watch the WebAR video tutorial or learn how to get started through our four-step GIF guide below.

1) Choose WebAR instead of app-based project

Previously you could only add new marker-based content to your project folders. Now, whenever you opt to create a unique AR experience, you'll have to choose between app-based and app-less projects. Click on the second option to create a WebAR project and give it a name.

WebAR select type of project-1

2) Upload static 3D or 2D content

You can upload static 3D models .glb, .gltf  and .zip files to your WebAR projects. Likewise, you can fetch existing 3D and 2D assets using Overly's Sketchfab or NFT integrations.  Stay tuned as we will release support for animated 3D content and video in due course. 

WebAR content selection for Overly Sketchfab integration example

3) Position your AR content on the ground or against a wall 

Unlike our app, Overly's WebAR BETA supports markerless world-tracking. When setting up your project, select whether you'd like your content to be positioned on the wall (e.g. AR painting) or the ground (e.g. a 3D statue). In addition, you should move your content around and resize it to ensure it looks as expected when published.

WebAR choose placement of content

4) Publish your project or share with others

Once you hit publish, you'll see an array of ways to share your WebAR campaign with others. You can share a QR ode, a hyperlink or even use an embed code to place content on your own website. We discuss a bit more detail in our WebAR video tutorial.

augmented reality project published example

5)  Optional step: share your feedback with Team Overly

This is not a must-do but something our team will appreciate. As we've just launched WebAR BETA, we would love to hear your feedback on things you enjoy and things we could improve. Let's perfect the platform together! You can reach out to us via chat or email:

Augmented reality testing with overly WebAR