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How to create your first AR project with Overly?

Ready to create your first augmented reality project? Learn how to use our AR Creator in a few steps.

Step 1: Select and upload your AR marker image

Your marker image needs to me an image file. It can be any personal photo that you've taken or designed specifically for the AR project. Read top tips on getting the AR marker right.

step 1

Step 2: Add augmented reality content

Next you should add content that will be showcased on the marker  once scanned with the Overly app. Overly supports various content formats, explore your options here.

step 2Step 3: Publish your AR project

After you've uploaded the marker image and added the desired AR content hit "Publish". Afterwards, download the Overly app from Google Play or App Store on your mobile device and scan your marker image. 

step 3

Wishing for your ideas to come to life within Overly AR Creator? Send us your feature request.