July 2022: New options for AR content creation

We're constantly updating and tweaking Overly AR Creator. To ensure nothing slips under your radar and users can make the most of our new features, we'll be releasing monthly Product Updates.

Overly AR Creator Product Updates July 2022

Showcase your Rarible NFTs 

In May we announced Overly''s integration with the leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea. We promised that we will integrate with other NFT marketplaces and we're following through. From July 2022, Overly AR Creator supports Rarible

Ethereum-based platform that facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of ownership rights to digital works of art via non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Like OpenSea, Rarible boasts an array of digital items, including artworks, collectibles, memes and much more.

How to get started?

  1. Head to Rarible and find your preferred NFT
  2. Copy the hyperlink from the website address bar
  3. Head to Overly AR Creator
  4. Upload your marker
  5. Choose "Add NFT"
  6. Paste the link to fetch your assets
  7. Publish your project

Add text to your 3D projects

We are constantly looking at new features to enhance our 3D editor and make AR creation more effortless. To help enhance your projects, we've just launched a new asset type within the platform. You can now add 3D text to your projects without leaving the creator.

Once you log onto the platform, you will see a new feature amongst AR elements that can be added to your AR project. You can combine the 3D text with another 3D asset and AR buttons. The platform does not support 3D Text and video combination just yet. Look out for future Product Updates for progress.

text 3D placement Overly Creator example

Place content 360° around your marker

Your content is no longer limited to the marker boarders. You can now move your marker around the project view, zoom and and place content around it. Remember the 50% rule though and ensure that the content is not too var out of the marker boarders so you can actually see it in augmented reality.

360 content placement Overly creator example

Use Sketchfab integration for free 3D assets

Overly AR Creator now integrates with the leading platform for 3D & AR on the web. Thanks to the add-on, you can now access free 3D content without leaving our creation Platform. 


Add multiple videos to your AR project

Did you know  that you can add multiple videos to a single marker for a while now? However, there is one more option for their showcase released this month. Before you could only upload multiple videos that are showcased at the same time once the marker image comes to life. The newest update let's you select "random" option once your video files are uploaded and your videos will come to life at random once the marker is scanned.

product updates july 22

Wishing for your improvement ideas to come to life within Overly AR Creator site? Send us your feature request.